Ruby Summer of Code

Tadashi Saito

Tsukuba, Japan

Student, Project #19



Bio: I'm a university student of CS, and 10-years-old Rubyist. I began computer programming using BASIC (How dear!) when I was a schoolboy. I liked video games (like "Dragon Quest" on NES) very much, but I felt that there will be greater experiences if I could _create_ games, not just play them.

Little by little, programing it selves seem to be fun for me. When I was junior high school student, I began to learn C. Using the knowledge, I passed a national examination of computer engineer (Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination). My youthfulness, when I passed the exam, should be near-record-breaking in Japan.

In my senior high school life, I continued to study programming of course. Some of necessity to write small programs arose in a student council. I learned that there was "script language" like Perl, but it had some difficulties in managing multibyte strings. I found another jewel that can treat multibyte strings more natively. Its name was "Ruby." I start to write Ruby codes to finish my affairs easily in high school, with a small batch program. It was 2000, some months after the first book of Ruby(オブジェクト指向スクリプト言語 Ruby) published, written by Matz and Keiju.

I entered a University of Tsukuba (where Matz graduated!) in 2002. I began to post mails ruby MLs actively. The number of mails that I posted is over 300 till now.

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