Ruby Summer of Code

Tim Felgentreff

Potsdam, Germany

Student, Project #7



Bio: I started to learn and program in Ruby when I first came to university in 2007. I have been using it as my language of choice ever since and programmed study assignments as well as personal projects with it. Apart from using Ruby, I have been a contributor to the Squeak and Gnu Smalltalk communities, as I find that many great ideas in Ruby have their roots in some manner in Smalltalk.

At the moment, I am very much caught up in my bachelor's project, a 40h/week project which is the final step to acquiring the bachlor's degree. This project will finish at the end of May and I will be free to work on the RSoC full-time. In the project, we are developing debugging tools for orchideo, an Eclipse based AoP suite. In the course of this project I had the chance to work on back-in-time debugging with the JVM and get a general feel for Java and it's implementation.

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