Ruby Summer of Code

Elomar Souza

Natal, Brazil

Student, Project #5



Bio: I am Elomar França, 18. Today I live in Natal, Brazil, but in August I am going to study in the USA, thanks to a Fulbright grant. I am halfway through the “Systems Analysis and Development” course at IFRN, a “Federal Institute for Education, Science and Technology.” I’ve been studying Ruby and Rails for the past two years, and working with them for a year and a half. Before discovering Ruby I’ve worked with Delphi, .Net, Java and PHP. I started a web development study group at my college that later turned into a Rails study group, through which I give classes and promote events marketing Ruby and Rails. I am also one of the organizers of Oxente Rails, a regional Rails and Agile conference that take place here in Natal every August. My open source participation consists mainly of sending patches to projects I use and tutoring and promoting Open Source - especially Ruby on Rails - through conferences and courses.

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