Ruby Summer of Code

Gustin Prudner

Floyd, VA

Mentor, Project #10



Bio: I have been using Ruby since the pragmatic programmer book first came out in 1999. My first Ruby program was a parser that I used to analyze decorated C++ objects and generate C++ meta-template to enabling a flexible semi-static type system for low level networking.

I am the foundling fellow of entryway software, we have been building Ruby applications for the last 3 years. In this time we have launched dozens of successful projects ranging from projects taking hundreds of hours to those spanning thousand of hours.

With 14 years of experience, I left a position as Director of Enterprise Architecture at a large international firm to help form entryway. The single premise of entryway is to wield technology in the support of good things both fun and world changing.

Ruby has been instrumental to the success of our company and brought immeasurable amounts of personal and company wide happiness to our craft, we are happy to give back.

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