Ruby Summer of Code

Franck Verrot

Lyon, France

Mentor, Project #3



Bio: Started to work for Volvo in 2005, .NET/Java environment. I discovered Ruby almost and the same time and tried for 4 years to convert the executive team worldwide (Lyon, France - Gotherburg - Sweden and Greensboro, US)... but no success (one Proof of Concept has been done though, but the dev ops were not ready for Rails and JRuby on AS400 JVM's was a show-stopper).

Anyhoo, I changed job, become the CTO of Studio HB (a french web agency), and lead the development and operations man power in that company.

Regarding my contributions, and being the lead software architect, I am responsible for open sourcing (but this takes time as we want to make sure the code is 100% quality) Studio HB's libraries and do some libraries on my own time.

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